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    Jon’s Arkwright shop...

    Inspired by the BBC classic comedy 'open all hours' we are a online shop based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Established 2013 Offering hard to find services Delivered to customers in the UK.


    We want to breathe Oxygen into local traders and local community by offering to sell your services or products free of charge.




    Delivering Services

    Working alongside the community, helping local trades sell more products and giving them an opportunity to sell online.

    We do not charge to sell your services online. We also offer a free social media shout out for all services we sell. Maybe you like to try our free Money Saving service we offer, get all your cheap food in one place or find out when is the best time to shop for deals.


    Contact us before ordering

    Getting things right is a part of our gene so before you order contact us with your specification before ordering so we can make sure you get the best service at the right price.


    We will contact you back within 15 minutes and discuss your price options so you can decide if you like to go ahead.

    You order

    When you are happy with your price we will take a deposit and give you a completion date.


    If a product needs picked up locally we will collect this item within 24 hours but will try our best to collect same day.

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